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Signing up on the page below will add you to the notification list for City of Urbana procurements.  The City maintains only a single list to be notified for all procurements, from all Departments.  You may unsubscribe from our list if you no longer wish to receive notifications.
When a new procurement is posted to the City’s website, you will receive a notification.  Some procurements may require you to provide your contact information again, so that the City can track which vendors have received the procurement package, and the City can send addenda to those recipients.

By using this website, you are accepting the following terms.  As a public service, the City of Urbana (“City”) is allowing you to sign up for free email notices concerning invitations to bid and requests for proposal.  Because the City relies on third-party software to provide these notices, the City does not warrant that the service will be completely error-free and reliable.  This website and the notification service are provided “as is.”  The City is not liable for any lost opportunity, lost profits, or any other damage of any kind resulting from your use of this service.  Even if you sign up to receive notices, we recommend that you check this website periodically for updates.
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